Online student retention is problematic. Online learners drop courses for any number of reasons.

Oftentimes the problem is they aren’t exactly sure what will be required in regards to time and resources for the course and are simply waiting for access before deciding whether to continue. One way to help offset this early drop phenomenon is to make sure the syllabus is available prior to registration. The syllabus should include information about the schedule, whether there are any synchronous requirements, textbook information, and any additional resources needed to successfully complete the course.

As for those students who enroll and decide to give it a go… there are some things we can do to help them get on-board, including fostering a sense of community with other students – especially those who have successfully completed online courses in the past – and making sure new to online students can find the support resources they need to navigate any technical issues (e.g. orientation to LMS, help desk, library, online tutoring, etc.).

Another way we can help is to find ways to reach out to students who are at-risk of falling behind.

Blackboard’s new “Retention Center” is designed to alert both student and instructor at the point a problem begins to emerge. This immediate feedback can help students to know where they stand in time for them to evaluate their own efforts or to seek help. Instructors can reach out to struggling students at the first signs trouble, before they get so far behind they cannot successfully complete the course.

The Retention Center replaces the former Early Alerts feature, permitting faculty to create and apply “rules” to help reach out to students who may be at-risk. Rules might include: logging in at least once every three days, or average grade falls below 79%, more than one late assignment. In the event a rule is broken, an automated message is sent to both the student and the instructor. The instructor (or other users e.g. advisor or program coordinator) may then reach out to the student ASAP to see what they can do to help.